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How to Connect Your Online Store to an Acquiring Bank

To link your online store to a bank's acquirer, you have a couple of options. You can either do it independently or seek the help of an agent. Here's a simplified step-by-step guide:

Start with the Application: Begin by filling out an application form provided by the Acquiring bank. You'll also need to submit essential business documents during this stage.

Review the Financial Proposal: After you've submitted your application and documents, you'll receive a financial proposal from the bank's acquirer. Take your time to review this carefully.

Signing the Contract: If you're satisfied with the terms and conditions outlined in the financial proposal, the next step is to sign the contract. This formalizes your agreement with the bank's acquirer.

Technical Integration: With the contract in place, you can now move on to the technical side of things. This involves integrating your online store with the bank's acquirer systems.

Testing Phase: Before going live, it's crucial to thoroughly test the integration to ensure everything works smoothly. This step helps identify and resolve any potential issues.

Ready to Accept Payments: Once you've successfully completed the testing phase, your online store is now equipped to accept online payments through the bank's acquirer.

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